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Legislative Advocacy


How to Get Involved
Below are some ideas on how you can effectively defend your rights and encourage others to do the same. This is something you can even do from home.

Making friends before we need them

  • Build relationships with Local Elected Officials
  • Attend Local  City Council and County Board of Supervisors meetings
  • Develop Community Service Programs in collaboration with the community
  • Introduce elected officials to the local church community

Effective Advocacy
Advocate to protect our civil and religious liberties by organizing the local church to write letters emails and make phone calls on important issues.

  • Establish a relationship with your Legislator
  • Believe in What You Are Advocating
  • Be Prepared
  • Tell the truth
  • Know your Opposition
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Persevere


  • Plan inspiring programs for the local church and community with engaging speakers
  • Organize public events for the community to focus on important issues impacting our freedoms
  • Empower youth and young adults to work for social justice