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Speakers Bureau

The Church State Council conducts its educational mission, in part, by providing speakers to preach and conduct seminars in churches and other venues.  Speakers are available in both English and Spanish to preach at church services, convocations, camp meetings, etc.

Speakers provided by the Church State Council do not charge a speaking fee, and their travel expenses within the five states of the Pacific Union Conference are paid by the Council.

The Council offers seminars on Sabbath Accommodation issues, entitled: “Do I have to work on Sabbath?”  The Council will also organize seminars on Immigration Rights as a community service, inviting immigration and civil rights specialists to participate. Finally, Council Executive Director Alan Reinach frequently conducts Sabbath afternoon seminars on a wide range of religious liberty topics, including most recently, Christian Nationalism. He is also updating his mini-evangelistic series incorporating religious liberty and Bible prophecy. His current series is entitled: “Slouching Toward the Apocalypse.”

Reinach also accepts preaching appointments to preach in churches that meet on Sunday, or to do presentations on religious freedom for other faith communities.

The Council regularly organizes area events, providing speakers to as many as a dozen area churches on a single Sabbath.

To inquire about a speaker for your church or program, contact us.